It all started when...

I first became a mom. My whole world flipped upside down. Before my son was born I was an entrepreneur, horse addict, fitness junkie, and explorer. For my entire life I valued freedom and spontaneity, and stayed away from anything that tried to hold me back.

Up until the day that our son was born, I was convinced that I would get back to my “normal” life in no time. I would lose the baby weight in two weeks, get back to work, and start rockin’ it again with my coaching clients. I was already stepmom to a 6 year old fashionista, so having a son would be a piece of cake!

The moment I saw his face I knew I had it all wrong.

I was ready to throw everything I had worked for out the window for this sweet child. And while I didn’t throw it all away, my entire pre-baby life, my entire pre-baby identity grabbed that seat on the back burner. I was now “mom.”

I allowed myself to be in the present moment with my son and my family. I decided to provide everything that my family needed from me in my new mommy role, and that everything else would there when I was ready to come back. I found peace in that decision… for a while.

Before I knew it, I had lost myself. I had been going through the mommy motions for a year without ever checking in with myself. Everything that I did was for someone else, and while I had very deliberately made that decision, I was suddenly craving the other parts of my identity.

Of course there was guilt. Aren’t moms supposed to be completely selfless? There was boundary setting with others and, most importantly, myself.

Being a life coach and a mom, it only made sense for me to create a system that would allow my "Mommy self" and all of the other parts of my identity to co-exist and thrive. After lots of trial and error, I finally formulated a system in which I claimed my entire identity (pre-mom + mom), regained balance in my life, and more than I had ever experienced before in my life, I FOUND MY POWER! All while being a kickbutt mom, of course. Oh... and the mom bod is way better than the pre-mom bod could ever have hoped to be.

The cool thing is that it works for moms everywhere. Not just me. What I created for myself was a proven system to authenticity, balance, and power. Pretty neat, right?

The other cool thing? It fits perfectly into our crazy mom schedules. You don't need to take all this extra time to become your best self!

So that's what's behind the Exquisite Strides Coaching Program For Moms. You can read more details on the program here

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