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Being a mom is one of the most beautiful yet complicated roles that we play in our lives.

Motherhood demands our time and energy, and oftentimes causes us to put our other dreams and desires on hold... which we do without a second thought.

All too often, a mother loses the other parts of her identity when children come into her life, leaving her feeling burned out and lost.

To many, it seems like the only option is to put life on hold entirely until the kids are older. But that's not true. 

Of course something inside us changes when our kids enter our lives. Of course our priorities change.

But it is possible to be a great mom and still be true to yourself, live in balance, and embody your full power.

I'm here to show you how.

What is MomPower, Anyway?

MomPower means living authentically, embracing your imperfections, learning from your mistakes, and having the courage to be yourself.

MomPower is achieved when a mother is connected with her true identity, lives in balance, and embodies her full power.

MomPower instills in children (and even our partners) the importance of self-care, goal setting, motivation, and hard work.

MomPower is not about being flawless or imitating anybody else.

MomPower is contagious.

Exquisite Strides Coaching Program for Moms

No matter how far along you are in your motherhood journey, or whether you're a stay-at-home or working mom, Exquisite Strides Coaching for Moms will guide you in becoming the best possible version of yourself.

The Coaching Program for Moms includes:

  • One, 90 minute introductory session

  • Eleven, one-hour private telephone coaching sessions (Arizona and California residents have the option to work in person)

  • Open email communication in between sessions.

  • Option to attend our MomPower Ranch Retreat.

Your free consultation awaits!

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