We work with a variety of groups from professional office teams to women's groups and athletic teams. Read on to learn more about the work that we do with groups and teams. 

Women's Groups

There's something truly transformational about healing alongside others. Experience the healing power of horses while connecting with other women at our Women's Group.

When: Check our Events Calendar for upcoming groups.

Where: All groups are held at the Exquisite Strides Headquarters located at 35653 N. 42nd Street, Cave Creek, Arizona 85331

What to Expect: No horse experience is necessary to participate, and no horseback riding is involved. Come prepared with closed toed shoes and dressed appropriately to be outside. Open your heart and watch your world change for the best!

There is an 8 person limit and groups fill up quickly so be sure to register online from the Events Page or call (480) 707-2709.

Office Teams

The workspace is a team environment and if that team is not functioning properly it can lead to monumental stress. Money, job duties, home lives, client needs and more can push a team past the breaking point if not balanced with good leadership and management skills from the team leader. In our team-building workshops, we work intimately to identify team strengths, challenges, and relationships. Then, with a variety of techniques learned over my successful career in the legal field as well as through my coaching education and extensive leadership education, the horses and I guide the team in creating actionable steps to improve their function. Team-building workshops are typically 1 to 2 days and can be done in-office or at our facility with the horses.

Athletic Teams

Athletic teams can be some of the most eclectic teams there are. Teammates can come from different backgrounds and have different goals and leadership styles. These differences can cause strife and miscommunication among teammates and have a negative impact on the game if not managed properly by the team captain and/or coach. In our athletic team-building workshops, we identify team and individual strengths and challenges. Teams then work together in a variety of exercises to overcome their challenges and grow their leadership both individually and collectively. Athletic team workshops are custom created based on the size and type of the team, and can be done at our facility with the horses or offsite.

Custom Groups

Already have a group or team that you feel would benefit from coaching with horses? Contact us to create your own custom group experience. Groups must have a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 12.