Are you ready to hear what the horses have to say? Step into the arena with me and my horse partners for a life-changing coaching experience. Whether you're working through unfinished business, facing a current issue or challenge, or ready to step up and achieve your dreams, my horses and I are here to support you every step of the way. 

Who I Work With:

Women who are feeling stuck. You know that you are not reaching your full potential in your life, relationships, or work (to name a few), and you want support in getting there. 

Mothers who need support. Being a mom is arguably the toughest job there is! Read more about the work I do with moms here.

Women who are struggling to love themselves. You don't absolutely love who you see in the mirror every day, and you're ready to see how gaining true confidence will change your life. 

Women who have trouble with food and/or body image. Your relationship with food and/or your body is troubled, and you're ready to make it a healthy one.

Teen girls. Teen years are tough. Give your teen the gift of empowerment, strength in values, and a safe place to process this time in her life.

Women who have lost or are feeling out of touch with their identity. You've somehow lost yourself in your career, your family, your day-to-day life, or perhaps you never took the time to discover who you truly are.

Women who are ready to start living a fulfilled, authentic life. You're ready to take the leap toward your dreams and start living a life that you love.

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Can't make it out to the arena? Telephone coaching is also a great alternative.