Creating Joy

Reflecting on my morning meditation, Joy has been a big theme lately. Where do you find yours? In the things that you do? The people and animals you see? Can you call on it from within?

Sometimes spotting the positive is enough, and sometimes we need to dig in and create it ourselves. Either way, let's do it... joyfully!

Embracing Emotions


I lost someone close to me today. She moved away and I will miss her dearly. While I am happy for her during this exciting time, I am also sad that she has left. There's no shame or guilt in having mixed feelings, friend. It's what makes us complex and intelligent beings. It's how we handle our emotions that counts, isn't it?


A friend was feeling flustered yesterday. We sat and talked things through together. Turns out, all of her frustration was based off of an assumption she had made. When she investigated further, she found that her assumptions had been holding her back.

What assumptions have been holding you back, friend?

Celebrate Joy

I was watching the yearlings play this morning. What joy they feel to start the new day! As it radiated around them, it was impossible for me not to feel joyful too!

When do you feel joy? Let's celebrate that today.

Listen Deeply

I witnessed a dispute yesterday amongst friends. Feelings were hurt and words were unheard. I listened as the sides argued and I realized that both sides were wrong and both sides were right. In time, they began to slow down. It wasn't until they finally heard each other that they were able to find resolve. 

Sometimes we get carried away with our own point and forget to listen. Don't underestimate the power of deep listening, my friend!

The Things You Do

I got to thinking last night about the things people do and why...

Sometimes people do things because they feel like they have to do them. Sometimes people do things in order to achieve certain results. Sometimes people do things entirely for other people. And sometimes people do things because they want to be seen doing them.

How often do you do things purely because you want to?

Rockin' It!

It's funny how we take the things we're good at for granted. Sometimes I get so caught up trying to get better at something that I forget to acknowledge the things I'm already good at! Take time with me today to look at all of the things you're good at, big and small.

Rock on!

Uniquely Yours

I had a serious conversation with a loved one last night. We were discussing a serious decision when I felt my heart smile. There's so much to agree and disagree about, my friend. That's what makes us so unique.

Uniquely Yours.

Changing With You

Watching the clouds move in, I felt grateful for the change in weather. I got to thinking... Not all changes are as fast or as noticeable as the weather. Some changes are even so small and so slow that we don't realize it's happening until we take the time to look back and see what we've done. Now that's transformation!

What changes are you grateful for in your life?

Changing with you.