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The "Is This Really My Life" Coaching Series


Something's got to change!
What the hell happened?
Where am I going next?

Do you find yourself thinking these things? Our next Women's Group Coaching Series is for you. Gain clarity and take back your life with the help of horses!

What it includes:
- 3 group coaching sessions with you, the coaches (Adrianna and her equine partners), and up to 9 other women
-One 1.5 hour individual coaching session with the horses
-One 30 minute private integration phone call with Adrianna
When: June 6, 13, and 20 from 7-9pm
Where: Our headquarters in Cave Creek, Arizona

Contact us for pricing and to reserve your spot!

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to Mar 25

Mother-Daughter Connection Retreat

One of the most beautiful yet complex relationships we have is that between mother and daughter. Treat yourself and your relationship to our beautiful Mother-Daughter Connection Retreat with horses. Over the weekend you will:

  • Strenghthen your communication
  • Gain a better understanding of each other
  • Grow and/or strengthen your bond
  • Learn about yourself, each other, and horses

Take the time away from your busy world to fully retreat with your mom or daughter. Create unforgettable memories together at this unforgettable retreat!



  • $725 per person or $1450 per mother-daughter pair
  • Meals not included
  • Daughters must be 14 years of age or older
  • Closed toed shoes required
  • Questions? Contact us.
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3:30 PM15:30

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Start the New Year Off Right!


Come honor 2017 as it comes to an end, and set yourself up for a successful 2018!

It has been a long 2017… 365 days to be exact! And that deserves some recognition before we jump into the New Year.

Take some time to Look Back over and honor the past year before we Look Forward to the year to come.

Start 2018 off right with goals that are in direct alignment with your values and your vision.

There will be an opportunity to snuggle with our fuzzy horse friends for those who would like.

Cost: $15

Reserve your spot in advance, as this group will fill up!

Contact Adrianna with questions or if you need help finding us! (480) 707-2709

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9:00 AM09:00

Discovery Day

Are you curious about how life coaching with horses works? Experience their healing power first-hand during our Discovery Day. See for yourself the incredible gifts that horses have to share with those who listen. Bond with one of these majestic creatures, learn a little more about yourself, and have fun!

There will be an hour-long lunch break, so bring a bag lunch or plan to visit one of the nearby restaurants in charming Cave Creek.

$195 per person

No horse experience is necessary and there is no horseback riding involved.

Closed toed shoes are required.

Space is limited so reserve your space early!

Questions? Contact us.

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to Oct 29

The Ultimate Body Love Retreat

Body Love Retreat.png

Do you have a troubled relationship with your body? Do you struggle with disordered eating or low self-esteem? Are you ready to love the woman you see in the mirror every day? Join us this October for two and a half days of healing your relationship with your body with the help of some of the most intuitive teachers on the planet... horses.

Work through your troubled relationship with your body and rebuild a loving relationship with yourself.

Heal yourself and support other women as they have their own transformational experience.

With the help and guidance of horses, you'll dive deep into what's behind your struggles, allowing you to walk away with a newfound lightness, self-compassion and love.

When: Friday, October 27 @ 4pm through Sunday, October 29 at 3pm

Where: Exquisite Strides Headquarters in Cave Creek, Arizona
35653 N 42nd Street
Cave Creek, Arizona 85331

Cost: $500 per person Space is limited and this retreat will fill quickly 

(Disregard the 30 minute duration on the scheduling page. This is an all weekend retreat!)

Questions? Contact Us.

*No horse experience necessary and no horseback riding involved.*

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9:00 AM09:00

Healing + Horses Women's Group


Come this Saturday for a morning of grounding, coaching and healing by Adrianna and her team of beautiful horses. See for yourself the magical role that horses play in our health, healing, and happiness. As the authenticity experts that they are, horses have so many gifts and lessons to share with humans.

We will start with a grounding activity that will bring us all to the present moment. From there, we will transition into our work with the horses.

We urge you to consider:
-Where am I succeeding in my life?
-Where am I struggling?
-Where do I feel held back, stuck, or self-conscious?
-How do my relationships with others affect me?
-What is my relationship with myself?
-What do I need to let go of that I haven't done so yet?

All inspired women are welcome, whether you have something specific that you'd like coaching on or you want to come to connect with the horses and support the group.

-No horse experience necessary
-$30 per person
-Closed toed shoes required
-Group begins right at 9am, so please plan to arrive a few minutes early to get settled
-Bring a swimsuit and towel if you would like to stay for a dip in the pool and head over to Cave Creek for lunch.

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